Nanotechnology as a scientific study that requires high-level thinking skills to understand the concept and to synthesize Dye Sensitizied Solar Cells (DSSC) requires a scientific approach to learning packaging, so that the implementation of learning must orient the skills needed in the 21st century. The study of nanotechnology journals aims to find out the learning content which is used as a source of student learning to foster creative, critical thinking, be able to solve problems, collaborate as listed in 4C 21 Century Skills. The research method uses a literature review by examining the DSSC journal on leaves and flowers to produce dye extracts as natural ingredients in the DSSC work process. The results of the analysis show a positive impact on nanotechnology learning through the DSSC framework because students are required to carry out discovery-oriented activities through practice when extracting natural dyes, critical thinking skills in analyzing the effectiveness of dye work, creative thinking by using ideas when making fabrications. DSSC is natural, solving problems when the DSSC is not working optimally so there needs to be an appropriate solution. Collaborating on results through sanwidch creation and assembling the DSSC framework. Overall HOTs-oriented learning activities at the level of Analyzing (C4), Evaluating (C5) and creating (C6) at KD 2.2 Applying knowledge of nanoparticles and KD 3.2 Applying knowledge of Photochemi


Pembelajaran Teknologi Nano; Keterampilan Sains Abad 21; Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells


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